More Attributes

So, I’m still thinking about the green pencil holder my son made, the one with the imprints of his fingers for grips. While its very existence implies a creator, it does more than just identify that there is one, it tells me some things about him. First the obvious: he has a thumb and four […]

God’s Invisible Attributes

I was looking for a pen the other day to jot a quick note to myself when my mind skipped back about 25 years! We used to keep a pen and pencil holder on the counter, near the phone for ready use. Out of the blue, the picture of it popped clearly into my mind. […]

All Creation Testifies

  “Rich!” My wife frantically calling from two rooms away. My entire metabolism freezes while my brain does an instant assessment: a cry for help? Nope. Eager enthusiasm. I exhale. “Rich! You’ve got to come check out this huge moth!” I head toward her thinking, “How big can this moth possibly be that she’s so […]

Love is a Verb

Unleash the power of love. Love (luv) 1. An intense affection.  2.  A passionate attraction.  3. An enthusiastic liking.  4.  A zero score in tennis. How do you define it? Love can be a noun, an adjective, or a verb.  We use the word love so widely we dilute its meaning.  If we feel a […]

“Passion” of Compassion

Compassion with passion is an unstoppable combination. Compassion without passion is not complete.  Compassion is what makes us able to feel, to relate, and to understand another person’s challenges.  Compassion is what we learn when we try to walk in another person’s shoes.  Without compassion, this would be a scary world to live in. Compassion […]


Let the goodness flow. Goodness wants to flow through you. Electricity wants to flow through a copper wire.  That’s why you are able to turn on a light when you read this.  Electrons stand in line inside the wire waiting for you to open the gate.  When you flip the switch, each electron pushes against […]

Barrel of Monkeys

We’re not the end of the line, we’re part of a chain. “We’re just a barrel of monkeys.”  My friend Ian said this to me as he was describing our church!  Remember the game?  Open the top of a small barrel and inside you find a tangle of plastic monkeys, each with their arms molded […]

Setting the Stage for a Miracle…

Miracles begin when we let go. Jesus took two fish and five loaves of bread and fed over five thousand people.  Afterward, the disciples gathered up twelve baskets of leftovers – that’s more food than they started with!  (Matthew 14:15-21)  As far as miracles go, this one must sit near the top of the amazing […]

I Only Have…

When we give what we have to God, he can do great things with it. “I only have…” The starting place of miracles!  Once, as Jesus was teaching, a crowd of thousands listened long into the afternoon.  The sun sank and shadows grew, yet the people remained.  Their stomachs growled, but the hunger in their […]

Gain or Loss?

Whatever we may lose, pales in comparison to what we’ll gain. The now still waters of the lake of Galilee carried the boat quietly to shore.  Embossed on the minds of twelve wide-eyed men was the image of Jesus, calming the storm that nearly cost them their lives.  Jesus stepped ashore and was immediately met by […]