Gain or Loss?

Whatever we may lose, pales in comparison to what we’ll gain. The now still waters of the lake of Galilee carried the boat quietly to shore.  Embossed on the minds of twelve wide-eyed men was the image of Jesus, calming the storm that nearly cost them their lives.  Jesus stepped ashore and was immediately met by […]

God is Speaking

Listen for the light stirring of a breeze within. Just to my right I could hear the sound of leaves swished together by a light breeze, the same breeze that cooled my skin.  Off to my left was a stronger sound as a stream moved from silent pooling water to a small cascading fall. The […]


God will wash you clean, heart and soul. There it is again.  It seems like I just washed that shirt and here it is, back in the laundry basket.  Funny thing about laundry, it never seems to go away.  Just when you’ve finished the pile, another one appears in its place.  You never catch up.  […]