Let the goodness flow.

Goodness wants to flow through you.

Electricity wants to flow through a copper wire.  That’s why you are able to turn on a light when you read this.  Electrons stand in line inside the wire waiting for you to open the gate.  When you flip the switch, each electron pushes against the one in front wanting to move ahead.  It creates a flow that passes through the filaments in the bulb and gives you the gift of light.

Water wants to flow through a trough.  Molecules wait around like a group of children on the last day of school, eager for someone to dismiss them.  Open the door and they all come rushing out.  Energy stored up in the pooling water finds its release, flowing out to its next destination.  Turning the faucet handle creates a flow that brings you the gift of a cool drink.

Goodness wants to flow through you.  It is stored up inside you like potential energy waiting to become kinetic.   It’s looking for a portal, an opening, an opportunity to flow from you to its next destination, to bring its recipient a gift.  You were created with the capacity for goodness.  It was placed in you at birth as a likeness of the One who created you.  You have the ability to receive goodness, to treasure it, and to pass it along to others.  Goodness molecules pool up inside of you.  Turn the handle and the flow begins!

When I was in high school, a science teacher introduced us to a Van De Graph generator. A frightening looking silver ball rested atop a glass tube, while a spinning belt hummed inside.  This machine generates static electricity.  Place your hand on the silver ball and all your hair will stand on end.  Take the hand of a friend and her hair will stands on end, too.  Make a line of people holding hands and the static electricity being generated passes through everyone.  If anyone breaks the chain of hands, the flow of electricity stops.  For electricity to flow it needs a source, an outlet and a destination.

A gutter on my house had come loose and was hanging.  Water from the roof poured down behind it.  When I fastened the gutter back in place, water gladly ran through the trough and down the spout.  It “wanted” to flow through the trough.  Given a source, an outlet and a destination it happily flowed where I wanted it to go.

Goodness works the same way.  Give it a source, an outlet, and a destination and it will happily flow through you.  Your heart is the wellspring of your life (Proverbs 4:23).  Allow God access to it and he will continually fill it.  Jesus said if you give them an outlet, streams of living water will flow from you  (John 7:38).  All that’s left is to connect with a destination.  Grab someone’s hand, turn the switch and let the goodness flow!

Goodness wants to flow through you.


“For this very reason, make every effort to add to your faith goodness… Don’t get tired of letting goodness flow through you.”

2 Peter 1:5 & Galatians 6:9


Next Steps

  1. Choose one person from each of the following categories and write his/her name on a list: family, work, neighborhood, friends, church.
  2. Next to each name, write one act of kindness you can do for the person.
  3. Perform this act without the person knowing it was you who did it.
  4. Stand back and watch the goodness flow!

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